Yuki Brazil Dark Roast – Ground – 12oz




1.145m MSL

Tasting notes

Apricot, juicy peach, cocoa, peanut, caramelized lemon.

Processing Method

Natural processed


Fazenda Santo Antonio, Sao Gotardo, Minas Gerais, Cerrado Mineiro, Brazil


Yuki Minami


Red Catuai

Coffee description

Brazilian Yuki Minami is the Coffee Grower of this Red Catuai, it comes from a Microlot produced in her family farm Fazenda Santo Antonio.

In 2016 Yuki banded together with other farmers in her community to form Aequitas Coffee. In her words, “Aequitas is the Roman goddess of equity. But she was also a goddess that meant justice, transparency, and fairness. And this is what I wanted to do, I wanted to promote fair trade for producers”.

Being born in the first coffee exporting country in the world and being the fourth generation of a family with almost 100 years working in coffee could make you feel that you have very little chance to innovate and that you will have to settle for continuing the work, BUT NOT IF YOU ARE A REAL GAME CHANGER! KEEP READING

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