“Our coffees are our heritage.”

As a child, my time in Quindio, Colombia, is an indelible memory. Those sites and sounds of the coffee farms and countryside have never left me. I’m proud of that heritage. And I’m even prouder to bring small-producer, high-quality specialty coffees from all over the world to the States. Clarena’s Coffee prides itself on its products. We pride ourselves on our women growers and helping to bring about positive social change wherever we source our beans.

All of us at Clarena’s Coffee, love the coffee-growing communities, the small farms, and the people who work the land. And within these communities, we see incredible women leading the way. We want to introduce you to the families, smiles, dreams, hands, and sustainable practices that make it possible to have a cup of coffee with friends, during a long night, or for an early start.


Our mission is simple: to deliver the finest women-grown specialty coffees to our customers and to effect positive social change at every point in our supply chain.

What We Deliver

Great quality Specialty Coffee, carefully sourced and roasted, is what we deliver with each bag of Clarena’s Coffee. Each of our coffees has unique characteristics; each variety offers different taste characteristics that, when roasted to compliment and accentuate those flavors, bring out the best of each coffee.

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