As promised, here is the second part of our favorite coffee films about the specialty coffee world.

We encourage you to take a look! Movies & Documentaries about Coffee – Part 2

6. Baristas (2019)

Rock Baijnauth´s documentary features four Barista champions from The United States (Kyle Ramage), Japan (Miki Suzuki), Ireland (Niall Wynn), and Germany (Chloe Nattrass). These national champions represent their countries and their craft in an attempt to win the 2017 World Barista Championship in Seoul, South Korea.



7.AeroPress Movie (2018)

Have you ever tried AeroPress? Yes? Maybe you are an Aerobie fan! If you’re among them, this documentary by Radek Nozicka is for you.

Acclaimed as “the Best Coffee Film of 2018,” this documentary tells the story of inventor Alan Adler from the initial concept (creating a single cup of perfect coffee) at his workshop in California to its rise as a famous brewer and uses in barista competitions worldwide.

It explores what makes people so excited about this Half-French press, half syringe, an odd-looking yet iconic coffee maker that no one expected to have a place in barista competitions.



8. Shade Grown Coffee (2020)

Many coffee brands attach the shade-grown certification to their packages, but how much do you know about it?

Sun-grown coffee in open fields often has higher yields, but it comes with a cost to our environment; it can lead to soil erosion, it demands chemicals, and the plants use more water.

Alexander Kinnunen´s movie is an inspiring story about how coffee can be grown ethically and sustainably in the shade. It can have a truly positive impact on local communities, halting deforestation, protecting critical habitats for wildlife, and even producing better quality coffee.



9. Black Gold (2006)

An in-depth look at the world of coffee and global trade.

After oil, coffee is the most valuable trading commodity in the world, people consume more than two billion cups of coffee every day, yet so many coffee  farmers  don’t make a decent living having to abandon their coffee fields.

This is an engaging documentary about Ethiopian coffee farmers led by Tadesse Meskela and their fight for a fair trade market. Mr. Meskela struggles to secure fair prices for 70,000 Ethiopian coffee growers to save them from bankruptcy.



10. Into The Coffee (2017)

This short film is about woman Barista Della Mifti from Indonesia and her passion, love, and discipline for coffee.



Once again, we hope you enjoy these movies as much as we did!

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