Coffee is a common motif in nearly all of our lives. For most of us, our day doesn’t start until we have our first cup.  It’s a way of life!



But there is so much more that goes into that first cup. As coffee enthusiasts, we keep our eye out for resources that show the process and work that goes into providing first-class coffees. Over the years, we’ve found wonderful documentaries that shed light on all the processes that occur before our favorite coffees are brewed. No matter how much you know about any topic, there’s always more to be discovered.

We picked our favorite coffee films about the specialty coffee world. Each has a unique perspective and, in its own way, can help you learn about your cup of heaven. We encourage you to take a look! Films & Documentaries about Coffee – Part 1


1. The Coffee Man (2016)

This intensely personal and observational documentary follows the journey of world-renowned Yugoslavian barista Sasa Sestic on his mission to take out the World Barista Championship and the journey of the coffee itself from Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee to Seattle, WA. The Documentary begins with Sasa sourcing coffee in Ethiopia, tasting the cherries, and seeing first-hand how it is harvested. Very important for us is how the film shows teamwork; it is not only Sasa but his family, team members, the coffee growers, harvesters, roasters, and vendors who travel with him on this remarkable journey. This excellent film was nominated for a James Beard award in 2017.



2. Coffee Heroes (2020)

This film is so passionate for us because it´s about a woman in the coffee industry, but not any woman. Agnieszka Rojewska (a.k.a Aga) is the first Polish competitor to become the first female World Barista Champion. Sasa Sestic is Agnieszka´s mentor and coach. This film is not only about Aga´s journey, her resilience, and fierceness, but also about the special bond she develops with Sasa as they take a trip to remote coffee forests to source the perfect coffee for the championship.



3. Caffeinated (2015)

We loved this movie; it is what Clarena´s Coffee is all about, to let the world know that behind every cup of coffee, there is a story worth telling, there are joys and sorrows, there are great moments and hard work, laughter and tears; the story of every coffee is long and complex. Experience the heart and soul of the coffee industry from the hands that planted the seed through the process and sale to the people who serve it at the coffee shop. At each step of the process, people around the globe have dedicated their lives to coffee; see their dedication and what drives them.



4. A Film About Coffee (2014)

Curious, A film about Coffee is not a deep dive into the technical aspects of coffee but a moving and exciting snapshot of the journey from the tree to your cup. It’s a love letter to specialty coffee.

What makes specialty coffee so unique? Furthermore, what does coffee need to be defined as a “specialty”? See the complex examining process of coffee beans, grading, and roasting.

In his debut as a Director, Brandon Loper travels from farms in Rwanda and Honduras to cafes in Tokyo and New York, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle, exploring coffee’s role in people´s lives. This film is very special to us because it is about the importance of transparency in the process of coffee production.



5. Barista (2015)

Passion, dedication, and creativity this is what you will find in “Barista.”

This energetic and colorful documentary follows five top baristas (Eden-Marie, Truman, Charlie, Ryan, and Charles B.) pushing the limits of perfection to win the prestigious National Barista Championship.

The characters are competitive but also lovable, and their dedication will make you want more and more.

Director Rock Baijanauth has captured the viewers’ attention beyond the drink. It is a must-see film, especially for those interested in a career in the coffee industry.



We hope that you enjoy these films as much as we did. Are you looking for more? In our following Newsletter, we’ll recommend new movies and documentaries about this magical world of coffee!


Your friends at Clarena’s Coffee.

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